Misc. questions for my Touring Plan

I can make my ADRs this coming week so I’m trying to put basic TPs together & I have a few questions.

1 -I hope to get an ADR at a later date for Skipper’s Canteen - should I just put in Liberty Tree as a place holder or would there be a better place to select?

2 -I would like to watch the FOF Parade from Frontier Land. How should I put that into the plan AND how long? (I’m thinking put in for a break at one of the QS places to eat?)

3 - For MK I’d like to ride Splash Mountain in the morning/day time as we don’t want to get wet after dark. Alternately, I’d like to ride Dumbo in the evening. Is there a way to do that or do I get a plan together then input them & keep evaluating as I move them around?

I think that’s it for now. Wish Disney would announce information for Star Wars Weekends soon, hoping it’s the weekend we go, otherwise I may move our park days around.

  1. Use a rest period unless LTT is a backup option.

  2. Add in 15-30 minutes of rest before the parade to find a good spot- the software will deal with the rest. If you want to add a meal, it would be in addition to the rest period mentioned.

  3. Once the TP is optimized, you will use evaluate if you move attractions from their computer order. If you optimize again, the software will just put it back where it was- at least that’s what it did for me.

1 - Put in a Meal Break at the closest restaurant to Skipper’s. However, if you are going to make an initial ADR for LTT to have something in place I would use it.

2 - You got it, put in a Meal Break at a nearby QS. :slight_smile: How long depends on the CL - the more crowded it is, the more time you will want to allot in advance of the parade start. Hopefully someone with recent experience of watching from FL can chime in here.

3 - Evaluate and move around is your best option here, just be sure to Optimize a few times so that you have a good baseline as to what a good plan looks like for the day. Another option is to use the same strategy as for 1 & 2 - put in appropriately timed Meal Breaks at nearby restaurants.

Thanks for the replies. I only suggested LTT because I was told it would share a kitchen with Skipper’s. I haven’t been to WDW in several years and I’m not sure what the closest place would be to use as a place holder. I wonder if Aloha Isle might be better?

Same thing for the parade - I think I will schedule a meal at Pecos Bill as a placeholder for the parade from 2:30-3:30. I’d rather have extra time scheduled then cut it too close.

I don’t have many ADRs so this will be fairly simple. FP+ will be much more work!

Thanks again :grinning:

Disney just announced that they were discontinuing SWW, so that will not be a factor for your trip… :frowning:

Oh it’s TOTALLY a factor for my trip! That’s how I got 4 park days instead of 3 from DH (this trip is linked with a family Florida trip the week after). So now I still plan for 2 MK days but not sure if they will actually prefer to go to AK instead. Oh & DD might actually want to jump ship & do that now instead of hanging with mom & grandma. But wait there’s more! DD & DS won’t find out about this trip until Easter! FP gets made before that. #firstworldproblems :sunglasses: