Minor Lines 2.0 Update out today (mostly focused on Lines Chat, Plan Evaluate)

Hello! Today a new minor update to the Lines app hit the app stores. Version 2.0.13 for iPhones and 2.0.7 for Android.

The biggest changes are in Lines Chat and Plan Evaluating.

– For Lines Chat, we received feedback that people wanted easier ways to refresh and get back to the top of the screen. So, while you can still Pull-to-refresh, and tap at the top of the screen to scroll to top (in iOS only I think), we added new ways to do both also. At the bottom right of the screen, the “Add Message” button has been replaced by a pop-up menu button. This menu has 3 buttons, for Add Message, Refresh, and Go To Top. Also, you can tap on the “Chat” icon in the bottom navigation menu to scroll back to the top as well.

Also, the chat input box was given its own screen, instead of being a popup. This should help Android users who said the keyboard sometimes covered the “submit” button and they were unable to scroll to it.

– We also changed up the Plan Evaluate function. It never worked great and that’s my fault. Recently it stopped working even more and was becoming a big problem. In the new update, we changed it so that once you press the “Evaluate” Button, you can re-arrange the steps on the same screen, using the “handle” on the left side of an attraction. You can also remove attractions (and undo the removal if you decide to) while in “Evaluate Mode”. It’s still not 100% perfect, but it’s light years better than the old version.

We also have a few other minor updates:

– When you start a timer for a ride, it displays the Timer Widget box at the top of the plan and park pages. In the old version of the app, if you were scrolled down the page too far, this meant you couldn’t see the Timer Widget, so you had no feedback that you had successfully started a Timer. In the new update, starting a Timer will scroll you back to the top of the page so you can see the Timer Widget.

– There was a bug where we were sending Optimization Successful notifications to phones, even when you were using the website to optimize plans. Now you should only receive notifications when you do an optimization from the app.

– We had a bug where the “Save Plan” button on the edit screen would be greyed out if you went there after an Optimize or Evaluate. Thats been fixed.

– We added a Park Info screen to the top of the park where eventually we can start adding any additional info about the current day’s events in the park, like special ticketed events, closures, etc.

– We also changed the App Icon name from Lines to “Lines WDW”… Please dont speculate that this means Universal and Disneyland 2.0 apps are coming soon :stuck_out_tongue: , but they will be here eventually, so we’re planning ahead.

The next round of updates that are coming soon include: Adding the ability to input reservations for things like BB8’s Droid Depot (right now users just have to add a Break event), adding back the “Notes” section for each individual step, and fixing a bug where viewing a ride’s submitted waits are hidden when a park closes, instead of just showing them until the end of the day.

We’re always working on adding new features, improving existing features, and fixing any bugs. Please let us know if you have issues or ideas. And if you’re enjoying the new version, you can always leave us a good rating on the app store :wink:


Thank you @daybreaker! When you do roll out the other apps, will you be able to view ALL of “my chats” in the new apps? Now, when I go to “my chat” in the Universal app, I can see my Universal and wdw chats. In the new app, it is restricted to wdw (this is a new app feature).

Oh! I just updated my iPad! Thank you! That refresh is amazing!

I think it should be possible to allow chats from all properties to show up in your “My Chats” area, and keep them there, but I would need to do a lot of testing to make sure it wouldnt somehow allow any Universal data to creep into the WDW app or vice versa.

I’ll talk to Len. I need to make sure that even if we can do it, that he would want us to do it. I can see the benefits of making sure only WDW chats show up in the WDW app, and likewise with Universal.

May I ask the reasoning for making submitted times disappear when the park closes? I use those all the time even if a park is closed. Particularly when someone mentions on chat that the park was insanely crowded or wait times were way off. I like to go check and see what actual waits really were.

It’s a bug. There’s some things that we turn off in the app when the park closes, like creating new wait times, and it got caught up in that. I just need to go change it where displaying the submitted wait times doesnt use “park close”, but goes until the next day when the parks open and start accepting new wait times.

Nice new profile pic @daybreaker :star_struck:

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I’m digging the Navigate/Refresh/New Chat popup, and scrolling back up to top by hitting Chat. Thanks!


I know on chat there is some concern you can’t see the post you are replying to ( important because we all have these “liner names” and it is impossible to remember how to spell them sometimes). Personally, I think that box will hopefully prevent posts from disappearing and, for me, that was the bigger issue.

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This community is the greatest. I feel like we’re all shareholders in the company and we’re working together to build the most impressive Disney planning app ever. I wish all companies were so vested in their customers and so transparent in their path to customer satisfaction.


My eventual goal is to have something like the way the facebook app does it (which would keep the original chats in view). I was getting close, but knew it would take a bit more work and wanted to get something out faster for users on smaller screens who were unable to get to the “submit” button



Are there plans for Lines 2.0 for Universal Orlando?

I have to say that I really like these release notes. Thank you for keeping us updated.

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I know it is silly, but when I hit “chat” and it scrolls to the top, I smile. Thank you so much.


Ohhhh I misunderstood. Great, thank you!

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Yes, it’s on @daybreaker’s list, near the top.

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