Minor grocery shopping at GF?

I don’t suppose there’s anywhere at GF where I could buy bagels, creme cheese, and bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino?

Or at MCO?

I know I can get stuff delivered to my house, but that involves a bigger minimum purchase than I’m likely to make, plus I have to stay in and wait for it.

As I’m Uber-bound, it would be particularly convenient to buy stuff at either MCO or GF, where I’ll be having dinner, to take home with me on the first night.

There is a little grocery/convenience shop at the GF - I don’t remember if they have bagels specifically but they definitely had bread products and breakfast stuff. I’d think you’d be able to find enough things to sustain you.

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That’s good to know. Thanks.

There’s actually quite a good selection, due to the DVC villas. You’ll pay a premium but you’ll be able to get bread, dairy stuff, packs of meat and cheese, spreads, snacks, juice, beer, wine… They also have frozen meals, meat (bacon, sausages), eggs, sauces and so on.

We don’t do our whole shop there, obviously, but if we run out of anything we know we can get it if we want.

The stores at GF! Poly, Contemporary, BC, OKW, SS, BW and Jambo & Kidani will all have a good selection.

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They definitely have bagels and cream cheese. Not sure if they have the Frappuccino bottles since I don’t drink the stuff, but I believe I saw some at SSR when we were there in November, and possibly at Copper Creek as well. There are a few Starbucks at MCO, three of them landside I think. You may want to pick a few up there to be at the safe side.


Great info — thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re a prime member prime now is a great option. They deliver with no minimum and they have frapps and the bagels and cream cheese. They also deliver within two hours. I believe the delivery charge from the hotel is $5 for handling. No alcohol on prime now though if that’s your thing. No need to be there either, bell services will hold it and you just call them and they’ll deliver it to your room.