Minnie's Seasonal Dine & Fantasmic: August

We really want to do the new Minnie’s Seasonal Dine but I can’t get any times for late August. There is plenty of lunch availability but isn’t that just the disney junior characters?

I take one year away and everything changes :wink:

I got one on our 180 +3 or 4. I got the latest that was on offer which was 5pm. I’m not sure if you can do it on reservation finder, but might be worth trying if you can.

I thought those reservation finding sites were banned now. Is there still one up?

For fee reservation finders have been shut down. TP offers a free one https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/reservation-finder

They dont have the package dinner on the reservation finder. I just checked that. But I love having this tool!!! I have gotten BOG and Chef Mickeys!

I love this forum. Thanks, everyone!

I could also only get a lunch reservation at H&V with F! on my ADR date. So I made a regular 5:30 dinner reservation without F! at that time. I kept checking their website daily and one finally popped up about a month later. So now I have a 4:35 dinner reservation with F! Keep checking their website. (Really wish this was an option on the reservation finder.)