Minnie's Christmastime Fireworks

Is there a corresponding stage show? Are there main street projections or just the castle projections? Are there projections on the back of the castle?

There is a stage show that runs a few times a night, ut not during the fireworks. There are projections at least on the front of the castle. It’s a great show you can really view from anywhere.

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This is the stage show:


There are some photos in this article:


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Just to clarify … Is this part of the MVMCP hard ticket event?

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Up until the night after the last Christmas Party. From Dec 23rd both the stage show and fireworks will run up until Dec 29th.

I was going to say until Dec 31st but the 30th & 31st will likely have the special NYE fireworks tag.

Not on the back I don’t think but they do project on the sides of the castle. We ended up watching from the bridge between the hub and Cosmic Rays and were pleasantly surprised at the view.

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