Minnie Van vs regular Uber or Lyft

Is there any advantage to taking a Minnie Van, compared with a regular Uber or Lyft.

Also, can you only take Minnie Vans from a resort to somewhere else, or can it be from anywhere on property to anywhere else on property?

Advantage only persists for MK, as Minnie Vans can drop you off in the bus loop while Uber/Lyft will have to drop you off at TTC

Otherwise, Lyft the hell out of your trip - waaaaaay more affordable and always ready with nearly no waiting (whereas Minnies get backed up at busy times)

You can take Minnies only within the bubble, but from any location to any other location in that bubble.

Lyft can take you outside the bubble (ahem, to Universal, for example)

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The other advantage to the Minnie Van - beside it being cute - is for families in need of car seats. It is good for that, but adults only - Uber or Lyft seems the best.

Besides for the good advantage that @OBNurseNH has noted!

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Totally true, but I knew that @profmatt would not need them :wink:

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Completely true and accurate, but I posted the information for others who would be intrigued by his question.


Just a little added info on our experience. The waits for Minnie Vans were long when were were headed to MK, so we opted to take Lyft and have them drop us at the Contemporary. Walked over from there. Worked well and seemed a bit easier that TTC traffic and line wise.

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Did you find this to be true for rope drop?

When I typed that I was trying to remember if this was rope drop day or a day we went in the evening and I honestly don’t recall. I think it was a rope drop day because I suspect that was why the Minnie Vans were in high demand.

Did you get any hassle from the gate people?

This is often an option but does carry some risk; if you get turned away - doesn’t happen often but does happen - your driver will have to get you over to TTC, wasting time and money in the process

I’ve already got my legitimate excuse prepared for why I’m going there the first time I plan on using it as a quick way to get to MK.

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No hassle at all. This also leads me to believe it was in the morning as a lot of people would have been going to breakfasts at the Contemporary and they may have just assumed we were doing that.

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Minnie Van is a flat rate of $25? i imagine Lyft would be far cheaper. Could Lyft drive from AK to Poly (or TTC)?

Yes Lyft can drive anywhere on property except to the gates of MK.

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Are there any authenticated accounts of Uber/Lyft drivers being refused permission to drop someone off at the Contemporary?

It’s reported fairly often on chat. Some have got in by saying they are going to the QS for breakfast.

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I’m only planning on doing it once: at about 6pm.

Dinner then. Though you might be fine at that time.