Minnie van price

Can someone with the Lyft app confirm how much a Minnie van from pop century to cafe cape May is? Thanks

It can vary depending on when you are traveling and how busy it is (how in demand rides are). In general I found regular lyft to be $10-15 anywhere on property with Minnie vans being $20-$25.

It’s not a flat rate and subject to surge now so checking the price now would be just for that moment. Basically it is usually $10-15 more than a lyft xl ride.

I had a $38 fare from AOA to Wilderness Lodge during Thanksgiving week. I only say this b/c it’s a lot different than cjandres’ info.

According to the Lyft app it is currently showing a 17 base fare + 3.15/mile but that’s not including any surge pricing. Trying to book one now projects a payment of $25.87 (+ tip) from Pop to Beach Club.

Is the Skyliner an option?

Similar to @Kitty_Ellas_Mom I paid around $50 from MK to AoA in late December. It is a lot farther from the MK resort area to AoA/Pop than it is to the Boardwalk area resorts though.

I’ve had them over $40 as well. Usually the mid-$30s was the average for us (and I admit to using them a lot more than I probably should, but we had a few not so great Lyft experiences so we rely heavily on Minnie Vans).