Minnie Van pick up at Disney Springs?

Since the return of the Minnie Van this June, has anyone had any luck obtaining a Minnie Van from Disney Springs to travel to the parks? I’ll be staying at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista and I don’t believe I can get a pick up from that location. So I thought I could try grabbing one from Disney Springs but the Disney website is pretty sparse in details about where it will pick up from.

Have not.

But when they were operating before they picked up at West End

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If you check in the Lyft app it will let you know whether a Minnie van is an option for the route you want. It just won’t show up if it’s not. I’m pretty sure as long as your destination or pickup is either a park or a Disney hotel, it comes up. I just tried Disney springs to magic kingdom - yes. Disney springs to off site hotel - no.

ETA if you zoom in using the app it also shows the pickup location.


A few weeks ago I saw the Minnie Van pickup and drop-off area right by the Town Center bus station, in front of the storage house.

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