Minnie Van from MK

Has anyone taken a Minnie Van from MK immediately following fireworks? Is the pickup location convenient? How was your experience in terms of efficiency of getting out of MK traffic? We are thinking of traveling to Epcot for evening EMH right after HEA.

Pickup is in the bus depot for resort buses so pretty convenient. Can’t speak to the rest though. Sorry.

Pick up is at bus stop 8. It can take a while to get a Minnie Van at a time like that. I usually start requesting 15-20 minutes before I actually need the ride.

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Do you request before the fireworks end or as your walking out, I get the impression it would take at least 15-20 minutes to exit.

Availability will be the hardest part at that time. I have not had luck yet getting one leaving the park after the fireworks.

At the latest when I am about to start leaving the park. One time it took an hour to get a Minnie Van after ROL.

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This is true even of Lyft/Uber st that time too. This is why I prefer to hang out as long as my family will tolerate. Let everyone leave, enjoy the loveliness of a park after dark that is nearly empty, and get a seat on a (not free but included) bus back to the resort without a fight.


We did it twice(ish) when we were there in March. The first night we requested it just after HEA ended as we started walking towards the hub, got lucky, and had an arrival time of 15 minutes - we got there about one minute before our van. The second time we started trying to order one (to the Poly) about 10 minutes before HEA started, couldn’t connect to a driver for a long time, and it ended up taking about 45 minutes in total for ordering/arrival.

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