Minnie Van Availability

I just read in someone else’s post that they tried to use the Minnie Van service but none were available. Is this a common occurrence? For the TPs I’m working on, I rely on the Minnie Vans to get me places in a more timely manner than the buses. I hate the thought of being late to something because no Minnie Vans are available.

Will your party fit in a normal Lyft or Uber? More widely available and so much cheaper.

Need car seats for my two young boys

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I have read that they can be difficult to get at times before rope drop and at the end of the night. So basically when you want them the most. I have no actual experience though.

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I’ve taken them over a dozen times on 4 separate trips. Only time I couldn’t get one was leaving MK in the evening. It’s not a 100% guarantee. Never a morning problem.


We took Minnie vans 4 times. Going to and from Animal Kingdom st 3 and 7 pm. Abd same time for Hollywood studios. If your plan involves off times. Abd you dont mind waiting. You’ll get one. Rope drop and especially park close is tough.

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We generally haven’t had issues in the AM or well after park close (we got one easily leaving the Contemporary after the World Series finale a few weeks ago which was an hour or so after park close). I have had harder times at park close and at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I assume it’s because it’s a bit further out and less go in that general direction. I tried for about 20 minutes leaving an early dinner over there for my parents and they ended up taking the bus with me to Disney Springs and then transferring to a Yacht Club bus.

Long story short, always have a back up plan in case one isn’t available.

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Ah ok. I don’t have Minnie Van experience, we always use the buses.

We had a pretty long wait for one in August midday taking us from contemporary to AK. The app even timed out because it couldn’t get a van to pick us up. I would factor in at least a 20min wait.

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We couldn’t find one at all for an early dinner reservation, as another poster said the app timed out a few times while searching. Another time it was almost a 30 minutes wait so we canceled and just took a bus. The next day I received a credit for 50% off my next 6 rides, not sure if that was related or not but it persuaded me to give another try. We took advantage of the discounts on Friday going back and forth to the hotel for our afternoon break. We only had a 10-15 min wait tops each time. Also our driver was a nice older gentleman who took forever to put the car seats in. It didn’t bother us but it is something to keep in mind if you are in a rush.
I wanted to use Minnie Van to get some extra rest time but not knowing if you will have one available or a long wait can really put a wrench in your plan when you have an adr to get to. if I have to allow that much extra time I would save the money and take the bus, We needed a car seat and booster as well so we can’t just switch to Lyft.

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Is there a reason to use Minnie Van instead of Lyft?

He needs 2 car seats.

Need 2 car seats for my boys - Minnie Vans have them, not sure about Lyft

I would start requesting at least 20 minutes before you need one. During the day shouldn’t be too much of an issue but at park closing it has taken me over an hour to get one. At that point we were in no rush and just wanted to see how long it would take :smiley:

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