Minion ride & early entry


My personalized plan keeps optimizing to put Minion Mayhen at 8 am but it doesn’t open until 9am. I just wanted to inform you so the program can be updated.


The minion ride is one of the rides that does open for early entry at US. At least It was whenever I did early entry. If you get to US for early entry, that’s a ride I would get in line for fast because there is always a line there, and that’s a ride that tends to break down throughout the day, so if you can ride it, and get it out of the way, it’s better.

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Actually, a couple months ago, they changed it and is now Mummy that is open it early entry, not Minions. However, it does appear that Minions opens before the actual opening time of 9, though not as early as the attractions that are open for early entry.

Really? That’s interesting. I would love that early entry—I love the mummy and gringotts!

Me, too, but that Minions line grows so quickly, it makes more sense for Minions to be open during EE, in my opinion.

Here is the Touring Plans YouTube video discussing the new opening procedure for EE (starts at 6:31)
Universal Orlando 2-park Plans

Minions is a slow loader (even if you have Express Passes)

True, true. On our last trip we tried to get minions out of the way on our first or second day, and ended up using a lot of our early entry waiting to get on. Then, the ride wasn’t working for the entire day! We ended up trying again the next day with the early entry saying “if we aren’t on by _____, then we’ll leave the line.” Luckily, we were one of the first groups on it.

Great catch! i had minion as my first ride for early entry on my touring plan. I also have Jimmy Fallon in the 7-8 AM early entry window. Does anyone know if this is correct, I cant find anywhere online that Jimmy Fallon is an early entry ride…

When I was there a week ago, Jimmy Fallon was not part of early entry, and I have not read anywhere that it is.