Minimum acceptable trip

So my current state of play* is this: six nights at Endless Summer, the budget resort at UOR. I have an AP, and a couple of days worth of Express Passes that I assume they will honour, despite being out-of-date.

(*Subject to finding a way of dealing with the masks issue.)

Where does WDW fit into this?

Well, depending on whatever booking system exists at the time, I plan on taking some day trips to WDW. If park hopping is allowed, maybe only two (two parks each time). If not, maybe three or four.

I’ve been thinking about what is the minimum experience that would be acceptable to me. (I’ve taken five trips in the last three years, so my priorities may not be the same as yours.)

I think I’m going to be easy to please.

I basically just want to walk round and look at stuff. This would actually make it a new experience for me and, therefore, exciting and valuable. I don’t need any rides. I don’t need any table service restaurants. I can live without FPPs and ADRs. I can even live without HEA.

But here are some things I really want to do.

1 Slowly walk down Main Street, with a Frappuccino
2 Circumnavigate the Castle, with a Dole Whip
Honestly, none of the rides are must-dos for me. If I had to pick one it would be Splash. Although I love HEA, I don’t think it’s practical and it may be too overwhelming.

3 Slowly walk round WS, with a Frappucino
4 Ride Soarin’ — I have realised it is a top pick for me

5 Slowly walk round SWGE, with a green / blue milk
6 Ride at least one of SDD, TSM and TOT
7 Eat at Sci-Fi Dine-In (never been, looks fun)

8 Slowly walk around the park, with a Frapuccino
9 Slowly explore Pandora, ride NRJ, eat at Satu’li
(10 Walk the SB line at FOP, ride FOP)
That last step is gravy. I wouldn’t be traumatised if I missed it.

11 Ride the Skyliner
12 Visit GF and chill out in the lobby, while live music plays

If I achieved all of that I would feel very satisfied. I think they’re all things that are doable under the present circumstances. This list also has the advantage that none of it really needs planning, and there’s very little waiting in line. Also, social distancing should be easy.

(If I just constantly have a drink on the go, could I almost entirely avoid mask-wearing?)


Wow, you’ve come a long way Matt haha. You have a good plan and I’m sure many others are on the same page.

I think as the weeks go on, less people will be wearing masks (where they are supposed to be) in the parks and visitors and CMs will accept that. Who knows, maybe by the fall masks will be only recommended.


That sounds reasonable and doable in these times. When ate you going I forget when your tickets are.

Every year when I would take my daughters to Disneyland for spring break, I would ask them what they really wanted to do. My younger would always come up with something like: get an ice cream from Gibson Girls ( on Main Street) and sit on the curb of Main Street while eating it and watch the people walk by. She has really taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things! I think your plan is awesome. :blush:


Where are you getting these Frappucinos at AK and EP? I think this plan sounds magical BTW…nice and relaxed.

That sounds like a great trip! It’s the kind of thing I daydream about b/c my Disney trips have all been with little kids (or, when I was a kid, once…which I barely remember). Sci Fi is definitely a lot of fun and absolutely worth it. When the whole CV thing is over I’m getting a long solo trip (not necessarily Disney, but it’s on the list). That’s the first thing I told my husband when I found out the kids would be out of school for an extended period. He agreed immediately.

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I read the topic title as “Minimum acceptable tip”, so I made some popcorn and settled down for a fun read… :frowning:


Left out: have a photo pass special photo st each park - with a frappuccino.

Thought to mull: one trip newbie cousins joined us. Old neck injury for one (car wreck) and bad back for the other (karate as a kid). What to plan: settled on quintessential Walt at MK: the old school stuff. (except hall of presidents)

And trails at AK.

It was actually a fun trip.


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It occurs to me that I left out the best ride at MK — one that is a must-ride for me and which is very good for social distancing.



Both of them have Starbucks.

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I have no idea whether my trip will actually take place — because who knows what the world will be like in October — and so I’m not investing a whole lot of time in planning.

I ended up with a UOR-based plan because (a) it’s cheaper and (b) it’s easier. Side-trips to WDW would be a bonus, but they’re not essential to me. And I’ve lowered my expectations for rides and whatnot literally to zero.

I’m imagining a typical day starting with a Frapuccino at the hotel Starbucks (yup, Endless Summer has a Starbucks in the lobby — beat that Disney) followed by a bus to UOR. Then, in the afternoon, an Uber to a WDW park. (Though, as I write this, I’m aware that WDW park hours are a bit crazy and this may not be practical.)

Or, Frapuccino then Uber to a WDW park, with a hop to a second park in the afternoon.

I’m actually looking forward to being freed from the tyranny of “getting a lot of rides done”.

My touring plan is: show up, wander round.


This is straight off the WDW site:

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures—for you, our other Guests, and Cast Members. You must follow all posted instructions while visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

By visiting Walt Disney World Resort you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Help keep each other healthy.

:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: I had no idea there was a Starbucks in Animal Kingdom…but the coffee cart outside of the entrance is for some weird reason my favorite…so I guess I’ve never looked.
I just assumed the one in Epcot was closed indefinitely for renovations.

You had me at Splash!

They built a (temporary) replacement.

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I’m not sure what your point is here.

The part you quoted is the last line from DW not me.

My purpose was really to question why you were quoting any of it. To which post were you responding?

Probably responding to the speculation someone made about whether mask wearing will be enforced over time.

Some of the speculation I’ve heard is that you won’t be able to wander around eating/drinking with no mask, that you’d need to be in designated areas that will be marked off to promote appropriate distancing. This would prevent 2 masks-off-while-eating/drinking guests from inadvertently coming face to face with each other.

Just wanted to mention that so you can get your mind around if your minimums can flex to that.

I suspect they’ll be ok with lifting a mask for a quick sip of water or to slip in a straw, but possible not mask out of place while wandering.

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We’ve (with DF @hmbhmbhmb) got reservations for October and that sounds like a perfectly lovely (minimum viable) trip. Especially the People Mover and except the Frapuccino part. Not my jam.