Miniature Golf

We did the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf courses, as well as Fantasia Gardens. Summerland was our favorite, probably because it reminded us of Hawaii and we were away from home over a month. The Summerland course was so cool, with many obstacles and water features surprises. Loved it. If you’re an AP, you get a discount too. The adventure course at Fantasia Gardens was excellent, though waiting for others to complete their putting was expected. We’re adults over 30 and there were many children so we knew we would need to be patient. Most parents were very respectful though and would just let us go ahead of them when we were done. The second course at FG is geared more towards the pros and too much for us. We just wanted to be a part of the nostalgia, not an actual course. At hole 9, the wait was too long. We simply skipped ahead to hole 16 and played the course till the end and left.

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