Mini Golf

We get a free round of mini golf with our MVT tickets so I’m thinking about doing this on our last day since our flight isn’t until 6:30pm. I want to book Bon Voyage Breakfast that morning. Which mini-golf course would be closest and what’s the best way to get there?

Fantasia Gardens will be closer as it is right by the Swan and Dolphin - which is perfect if you are wanting to book the Bon Voyage Breakfast. Winter Summerland is out by Blizzard Beach. If you still wanted to do that course you could take a bus to Blizzard Beach from Boardwalk.

I would also recommend Fantasia Gardens after Bon Voyage - it will be a nice little walk from the Boardwalk, and super easy to get to from being on the Crescent Lake side of the resort. Just walk across the bridge to the Swan and follow the signs for the tennis courts.

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A word of caution.

If you’re going in the summer and during the daytime, play it like it’s a day at the (Florida) beach. It can get very hot, and you will get lots of sun.

So: Extra sunblock, extra drinks / water, take your time. We’ve been literally :sun_with_face: burned there more than once!

Thanks for all the replies! I didn’t realize Fantasia Gardens was so close to Boardwalk!

We’ll be there the first week of December so i’m hoping it’s comfortable temperature-wise!

Yep! Might even need a sweatshirt.