Mini Golf Transportation

Is there a transportation option to get to mini-golf? Or is the only option Uber/Taxi if you don’t have a vehicle?

There are not great options…

You can take a bus to Blizzard Beach for one of them. Winter Summerland is right by Blizzard Beach. To get to the other course, you can walk from the Swan or from Hollywood Studios, but its not close.

I would probably Uber/Taxi if it were me. I would not want to spend the bus time.

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We walked to the Fantasia course from the Swan - I didn’t think it was that bad of a walk, less than half a mile. If coming from another resort, I’d probably take a bus to HS, then the boat to the Swan/Dolphin and walk from there. Certainly not a fast option though!


We went to Fantasia Gardens on a rest day from CBR. We used Skyliner to EPCOT and then the boat to Swolphin and then walked. I feel like maybe there could have been faster ways, but we were moving at a leisurely pace. Taking Skyliner to HS would have worked, too, but there was a line for HS.