Mini Go Pro while riding the HulK and RRR

I have a mini go pro that I go to the local rollercoaster park with, they are not allow but is so small that I just put it on my shirt’s front packet and it looks like I have nothing there, plus is very secure because I have an string made for the camera, that is thin but very strong that is securely attached to my wrist during the ride.

We have rollercoasters that are taller, faster and more aggressive than the Hulk, and I ride those holding my tiny camera in my hand without any issues. So the Hulk or RRR wouldn’t be changeling at all, I just want to collect some footage of us ridding those.

Is it possible to pass a go pro mini through the security on the Hulk or RRR?



There are metal detectors.


Thanks PrincipalTinker,

They let us in with Lanyards and those will make the metal detector beep right? So what if by mistake I forgot that my mini camera is under my shirt right under where the lanyard is?

We are not talking about airport security here right?

I have been behind many people that have been stopped. If you set off the metal detector you are not going through until you clear. Someone lost an eye. They are serious. My Universal lanyard is cloth and plastic.

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Thanks PrincipalTinker, I guess is not doable if they will make you take off the lanyard if it has metal.

All of our lanyard have metal so I guess we will take it off after it beep but we should be ok to put it back on once it clear right?

Yes, you take it off and try again.

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I understood that but once I clear the metal detector with the lanyard off, I should be able to put it back on and go into the ride even though it has metal parts right?

I want make sure I don’t have to buy new Lanyards for the family made out of plastic parts like yours

Yes, I believe you will be fine. They allow you to put your lanyard tucked into your shirt. I think many of the lockers have changed but some of them you might need your ticket- so you need your lanyard?

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Thanks PrincipalThinker!

I always set off a metal detector because I have an insulin pump. But even on RRR and Hulk, they pull me aside briefly and use a wand to ensure that the is only thing that sets it off.

Besides…NO ON-RIDE PHOTOS please.

Thank you very much.

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Thanks Ryan,

I guess they take their job very seriously and there is not possible way to pass the go pro mini through security, without seriously breaking the security protocol and possibly being thrown out of the park.

I understand why they are doing it, but in many parks they have bigger and faster rollercoasters passing over crowds, and with some common sense visual check from the workers running the rides, and some nets over the area where the tracks pass over the crowds, they seem to avoid incidents like someone being impacted by a flying object.

What a shame, because I love taking videos of my kid’s reactions during the rollercoaster rides.

Actually, they don’t. Accidents happen, which is why they have such rules in place.

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So on parks around the world with big rollercoasters where sections of it are pasing over walking customers, people being impacted by flying objects is just a common denominator and only metal detectors is the way to avoid it?

Seems to me that metal detectors in rollercoaster rides are just an unnecessary, extreme and inconvenient measure.

MOST coaster track isn’t directly where people are…particularly the most intense parts.

Rules mandating people NOT have such items have greatly reduced the likelihood it can occur. (But it still does…and when it does, it is because someone broke the rules!)

I’m not saying metal detectors are the ONLY way to avoid it. The BEST way to avoid it is for folks to adhere to the rules. But they don’t. The metal detectors becomes an effective way.

I’m NEVER EVER apologetic for my stance on this. I’ve ready too many instances of cases of injury. If I saw you or anyone else trying to take on-ride photos, I’ll call you out on it and report you after the fact. My own safety, as well the safety of others, is involved.

Aside from the safety aspect, there is the lesser impact. For example, earlier this year, while in a VERY SHORT (almost walk-on) line for the Gemini, we had to wait about 15 minutes for the ride operator to walk the entire track because a rider lost an item. They couldn’t run any more trains until they determined if the item had no fallen anywhere that could impact the ride (on the track, into same safety mechanism such a trim brake, etc). Eventually, we were able to board and ride…but the carelessness of one rider impacted a few hundred others in the meantime.


I have a rollercoaster park around a 30 minutes drive from my house, two of the world tallest rollercoasters are in that park and both happened to have sections that past over the crowds, there are nets and visual checks from the ride’s operators, none of these such a common incidents seems to be happening.

If you see me during the ride, holding my tiny go pro securely attached to my wrist, while I’m filming my wife and kids and you feel the urgent need to go tell on me, is a sad representation of how much you are overreacting without accurately judging the sircumtances for what they are. If that makes you feel righteous and holy be my guest.

For good or bad I personally have a more pragmatic and less judgmental take on the world, but I don’t think this makes me less a responsible or aware of the safety and well-being of those around me. To each it’s own.

I’ve PERSONALLY been impacted by flying objects on coasters numerous times (not impacted as in contact, but I mean, witnessed while on a coaster). I’ve personally witnessed a guest try to sneak a selfie-stick onto a coaster which they pulled out while going up a hill. (In that case, the ride ops caught them before we went over the hill, and so we had to sit there on the hill for a few minutes, having a security person come up to the ride to take the selfie-stick away, before the ride was resumed.)

I’ve read numerous reports of injury, including the DEATH of an amusement park employee that resulted after trying to retrieve a fallen object.

Call me judgmental if you want. I am in this matter. We go to a LOT of amusement parks. We ride a LOT of roller coasters.

In the past 4 years, we’ve visited 12 different amusement parks, and probably ridden 50-60 different coasters. I’m being QUITE pragmatic.

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See a selfie stick on a ride is a big difference than someone holding a very small cameras securely attached to their wrist, the reaction to each scenarios should be totally different.

Maybe people are being impacted all over the world in amusement parks by flying objects, and this is a world wide epidemic that is not suficiently being reported, and may only be resolved with metal detectors and maybe even armed guards. Seems unlikely to me but I haven’t put the time or care to do so, to have enough data to support my position.

Still I judge things for what they are and react accordingly, overeacting and generalising is just not part of my fabric.


I may be wrong but I am going to end this thread.