Millenium Falcon wait time on Nov 29 - that long?

Hi - my husband is going to SGE on Nov 29th, while it is hotel day for me with the kids–yeah! Why is touring plan showing up to 160 minute wait for the ride when it hasn’t been that bad yet? And if this is accurate, anyone knows if a FP will be added to this ride? Hubby has planning to arrive to HS at 4:30 and has a reservation to Oga’s Cantina at 5:30 pm.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend. The parks are jammed Thanksgiving /Christmas-New Year.

Hmm, first time during Thanksgiving. Are they packed early in the morning also? I made a touring plan to visit Magic Kingdom on November 27th, and according to it, I might be able to do 3-4 rides before 10 am–and there’s no EMH that day.

I’m not sure. I’ve never been over a holiday, but I’ve read/seen pics of it jammed. I know they’ve been at capacity and closed parks during Christmas to new year.

My TP shows the parks at a 10 from Monday to Friday your week with Saturday at a 9.

Trust the TP. If the TP says 3-4 rides before 10am, I would believe it. One year we went the week of Christmas (crazy I know). The TP’s always had us on schedule or ahead of schedule. I remember one day getting through Hollywood Studios by late afternoon and sitting there thinking, this is crazy. We just walked around for awhile and enjoyed the atmosphere. That was before GE.

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Your MK touring plan is probably going to be pretty accurate. For Millenium Falcon, it is more like a guess. The ride hasn’t been open long enough for Touring Plans to have a way to accurately assess how long the lines will be at a busy time of year. They are projecting based on the openings of similar E-ticket rides.

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As they get more data between now and then, the predictions will become more accurate. But they’ll always be just that, predictions. We’ve had days where TP was spot on and days when the predicted 5 turned out to be a 9 and the times were way off. Especially for an attraction like MF:SR where there’s no holiday data from a busy time yet, we’ll just have to see how accurate the predictions are.