Military tickets and Fast Pass +

First, I have never used fast pass +. (I’m not even sure I ever used the old paper ticket system either).

We will be staying at WDW for 9 days in the spring. We will be using our military discount tickets (we haven’t purchased yet). We have done this in the past. We each get two vouchers for 4 days each. On the 1st day we turn in our vouchers for our ticket. I know that I can use the voucher # to link to my account to reserve fast pass +. But I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with using two sets per person. I am hoping on day 5 to get Anna and Elsa. I don’t want anything to mess this up.
I got up early to make the ADR and got everything my family wanted! Multiple character experiences for my 4 year old, but when I was done she said, “and Elsa too?” I had to tell her “no. I don’t know if Elsa is even going to be at Disney World.” This worked well. But everyone she meets (aka strangers) she says, I’m going to Disney World. I hope Elsa is there." And of course everyone says, “Elsa will be there. She’ll be everywhere down there!”
Anyway, I’m hoping someone has some advice for the military vouchers. (and thanks for listening!)

No personal experience with the Military vouchers, but has a lot of good information. As far as I understand things, you should have no problems using back-to-back tickets to get your FPP reservations. See

I’ve linked back to back tickets with no issue

I’ve linked one set with no issues; have never tried back-to-back.

thanks! :slight_smile: