Military Ticket rules

My daughter and her husband have asked me to come with them to help with their toddlers while they are in the World (1 & 3). They have already purchased military tickets for all of us. I may have to arrive a day later than them. My question is will I lose one day on the ticket or could I get a room only reservation for an extra day at the end of the trip and still be able to use the ticket and go solo for that day? Thank you for any help.

I don’t think Military tickets are date based (Armed forces salute tickets). You could add a day at the end and still use the ticket as long as it was activated. The last time we used them, you could use them all at once or over the course of the year.

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You will not lose that day. You can stay an extra day at the end.

Extra info: If they bought the tickets at a base ticket office and not through Shades of Green, they may have to activate them at guest services. If that’s the case, you will have to be with them when they activate your ticket (they can’t activate it without you). So, if you come a day later, they’ll activate their own tickets without you and then have to take you back to guest services when you come and activate yours.

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Thank you so much for your response. It is very helpful

We’ve used military salute tix 3 times and I agree with everything here. They will have to activate it for you the first time but after that it works just like other tix, and you will be able to use your last day later. There is a great website about this called for any questions.

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