Military Ticket Activation

We will be traveling to Disney in May; (2) adults and (6) older teens, who I guess technically are adults. We purchased our tickets at our local ITT. We purchased (6) military salute tickets (or whatever they are now called) and (2) magic your way 4 day hoppers with the wp&m option. My questions are:

  1. Where can we activate our tickets at Disney? We were hoping to activate them the night before we go into the parks so we were hoping it could be done somewhere at Disney Springs or perhaps at a resort concierge desk. Any ideas?

  2. My husband is the military sponsor. Does he need to be with the “kids” when they activate theirs or can they use their own military dependent ID to do so?

  3. Do the Magic Your Way tickets have to be activated since they were also purchased at a base? They are hard plastic tickets, not vouchers.

  4. Lastly, this is not a Disney Question but someone might know. We also have a voucher for Universal Studios. Any idea where we activate that?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. I have only ever activated at the parks (it doesn’t take very long), but I think there is a GS at DS where you can do it. As far as I know, it can NOT be done at your hotel.

  2. The AD member or the SPOUSE (only) must be present to activate Military Salute tickets; the kids cannot do it with just their IDs.

  3. I have never done the MYW tickets purchased through the base so I don’t have a definite response. I “think” they are “regular” tickets that you were able to buy through MWR/ITT at a discount and function as any other ticket, but I’ll defer to others with first-hand experience.

  4. Sorry, no current info on this one for you.

Thank you bswan26 - I really appreciate the feedback.

There’s guest services at Disney Springs near Ghirardelli’s, you can activate at any time there. They close pretty late -if I remember correctly. Have gret time!