Military Salute tickets--eligibility fiasco?

We have Military Salute tickets, purchased from the base ITT. Looking at the eligibility rules, though, I’m not 100% sure we are eligible, and the tickets need to be activated on arrival. Finding out on the first morning that these tickets aren’t going to work is not an option. Does anyone have any experience or hearsay about ITTs selling folks tickets that Disney won’t let them use?

I AM eligible so no personal issues. What are your specific concerns; I can probably help you understand the “rules”.

We use military salute tickets with my in laws all the time. I may be able to help as well. In my experience the ITT folks won’t sell them to you unless you prove eligibility.

ITT employee checked ID, made a copy of it and all that, and produced Salute ticket vouchers. They were cheaper than what I expected, so I asked her if it was right. “Yeah, it’s fine. Do you want it to be more expensive?” Well, no.

But I just called Disney and I’m 99% sure I’m not eligible. Medically retired after 6 years active duty, rated 80% disability, current DoD civilian.

Looks like ITT screwed up. Headed back there to talk to them this week. There’s gonna be a job opening there pretty soon, I’m thinking.

You might be right. Talk with Steve here before you get too worked up though. He knows more about the ends and outs of all of this than any CM you would talk to. The link is to the page that shows specific id types that are eligible, but Steve is quick to respond to comments.

I said ends and outs. I clearly meant ins and outs.


Is a medically retired card the same as a “regular” retired card? “Retired” personnel are eligible; if you have the card, it shouldn’t make a difference.

Nah, card is Civilian. Was just giving background info.

As an aside; as a DoD civilian you are eligible to stay at SOG.

Yep, got Shades reservations! So that’s all right, at least. And at least I’m figuring this out in plenty of time to get correct tickets before the 30-day FP+ mark. But you know ITT is gonna resist doing anything to make it right.

Thanks! It was actually looking at the ID guide on that site that tipped me off that ITT had messed up. Glad to have caught it now, not later!

Glad that you had already seen that! Seriously, Steve’s whole world is military disney stuff and he answers comments quickly.