Military Salute Ticket Question

I have my Military discount tickets and will be arriving next week. I know that I have to activate them. My first park day is Thursday, but I will arrive on Wednesday. Can I activate on Wednesday and have the first day on Thursday. In other words, does the count start on the day you activate the ticket or on the first day you tap into a park?


It starts when you tap in. Bc you will activate at either a ticket window or guest services before you can tap in.

Only at Disneyland in CA do you activate military tickets at the tspstyle


As was said, when you tap in, as opposed to activate.

You can activate at GS at DS, btw.


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You can activate it Wednesday. And I would suggest doing just that.

You can go to guest services at DS.

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I activated my Salute tickets at the TTC the day before we were to enter the park. You’ll want to activate them before the day you want to enter the park. It won’t take a day of park tickets when you activate them. The activation just makes the tickets ready to use.

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Thank you all. I’ll activate at DS on Wednesday.