Military discounts in 2018

Planning POR in April. Have access to Military discounts. Any experience with savings? Room? Tickets? I saw that April was blacked out this year but that it was later lifted. Is that likely to happen again?

The Military Salute tickets are the best deal you’ll find anywhere. Unless things have changed, there are no black out dates.

When we’ve used the military room discount I’ve found that availability was limited and fairly random, even for less busy times of year (for instance, the week before Labor Day last year had 4 options when I called in April and that week typically has CLs of 1-4, even on the weekends)… you basically just have to call and see what they have for your dates. I doubt they will have any info for you yet though, as the 2018 military promotions haven’t been announced (they are usually at the end of the summer lately). As far as blockout dates go, they were lifted (from the WDW hoppers only… DL and rooms were still blacked out from 4/9-4/23) this year BUT it didn’t happen right away and that was likely due more to lower than expected crowds than anything else… I wouldn’t be surprised if they start out having them again this year, until they know what they’re expecting.

Here’s the site which always has the info first…… keep checking there, to see when they update with the new info. It was September last year and the year before.

Calling is always your best option. Have back up dates in case of limits to rooms they will release. We upgraded to deluxe because we couldn’t pass up the discount!