Military Discounted Cruise?

Has anyone here bought the military discounted cruises? I see the availability on the Disney website but I am hoping to find tips about looking for future bookings, if they are a good deal or not, etc. Any first hand experience? Thanks!


I haven’t bought discounted tickets for a cruise but I was interested in the idea. All I found was this link that refers you back to Disney site and a trip report. However, some of the info might be helpful to you…hope it is…happy sailing.

Thank you! I hadn’t seen a trip report before about it.

I missed it the first time also, there is a link in the Military Tips blog.

Hi! We are sailing on the Disney Dream January 19-22, 2018, and we got a fantastic military discount! Our travel agent had to call DCL to ask about it, and they cancelled our original reservation and booked another one (in the same room) with the military discount included. Just like at the parks, the discounts are substantial and definitely worth asking for!

Does anyone know if military discounts are ever offered on concierge level cabins?

Do you have to be active military for discount?

It’s the same basic Military-benefit eligible categories that Disney usually uses.

Generally speaking, that’s AD/RC/Retired/100% disabled.