Military discount room reservations

Trying to book rooms with military discount. There are no rooms available during the time we selected. Its not a crowded time, I'm wondering if they are holding them back till it gets closer to our date? Does anyone know? We had no problems before with military at the same resort (Beach Club). We even stayed over 4th of July one year. frowning
I was all set to book everything today. Sooo disappointed.:(

According to MouseSavers, the current Military Discount runs through 10/03/15, but there are blackout dates - for details see

Disney has a limited supply of discounted rooms. There is a chance that they were all booked when the discount was announced.

We just used Military Discount this past weekend and we called on Friday at around 4pm est and we werent picky and he listed off various places and we went with Coronado Springs. He said each resort has a limited amount of Military Discount rooms so it could just be that BC has all of theirs used for that period.

I am sure they will have some rooms available somewhere.

I had the same experience as mentioned above. If it's not a blackout date, keep checking. We changed our ressie 3 times, from fall rate at Pop through Disney to orbitz rate Pop and back to military rate CSR through Disney. They have a very limited # of discounted rooms available and people cancel as plans change.