Military discount - is it still this great?

According this post regarding LAST year’s military discount:

The discount is 30-40% at mods. Last year, you could book 3 rooms at a time, but there was no maximum - you could book another 3 rooms after that.

We need 10 rooms. Would our military person really be able to book 10 rooms for us? We are a group of family (through adoption) and 3 rooms of friends.

Thank you!

No. It means that in June you could book 3 rooms and then in July you could book 3 rooms.

What Keith said.

Also keep in mind that there are a limited amount of rooms available at each resort for the discount. I always use the military discount but I don’t always get my 1st choice of resort. I wanted POR for my last trip and ended up going to Coronado becuase they still had rooms with the military rate available. Also the discount for mods is 35%. Its 30% at Values, 35% at Mods, and 40% at Delux.

Oh thank you. So, it is 3 per month then? Or 3 per trip? How would that differ from making 3 separate reservations for 3 rooms each, one on one day, one on the next, and then the 3rd… Thanks so much for the help thus far, I appreciate it.

You can only reserve 3 rooms with the military discount. The person with the Military ID has to check into one of those rooms. They can make a reservation for 2 additional rooms at the same resort with the same checkin and check out days for other family/friends but they are all tied to the same room that the military person checked into. It is one reservation with 3 separate rooms, you must checkin in person, even if you do online checkin, to show the military ID, once you get to the resort, otherwise you can’t get that discounted rate. If you need more rooms than that for the same stay you will not receive the military discount. Hope that helps explain it better.

Perfectly explained @combatjulie Another possibility might be SoG; not sure what the limits are there (I’ve never needed more than 2 rooms). They may even have a special deal for “family reunions”.

Oh THANK YOU, yes, that explains it perfectly. And now I understand exactly why only 3 rooms per trip. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me. Thanks all.