Military Discount for Photopass

Hello Has anyone purchased a memory maker/photopass + using the military discount? I read that I can not do this until I am at guest relations and I was wondering since I won’t have a magic band if I buy one there how hard is it to set up the account and link it to the magic band? Thanks for your help. Judy

If you have an account set up on MDE, you can claim the memory maker on your account and register the magic band to your account. Is that what you are asking? It’s true that you can’t buy the military discounted memory maker until you are there. We’re military, but I chose to just join as MM share instead, so I’ve never actually purchased one at Disney.

You can only purchase the military discounted Memory Maker at Guest Relations at any of the parks or TTC. It will activate immediately.

If you have a magic band, you just hand it to the CM at Guest Relations when you purchase the memory maker and they link it for you. It’s definitely worth waiting to purchase it there since you get it at such a great discount. Used the discount when we went in March and in July. Ended up with 200+ pictures each trip.

Thanks for the answers

Sure! No problem! Let me know if you have any other questions about using military discounts. We use them in various forms every time we go.