Military discount and magic bands, fpp, parking

If I book an on site room one night for the first park day of our trip using the military room discount will I
•get magic bands from disney at no charge
•be able to park at the theme parks for no fee on check in and check out day (2 days)
•be able to park for no fee before actually checking in to the room on the first day
•be able to book fpp at 60 days out for the entire trip (even for the days remaining on my ticket which will be 2-3 days after checking out of the onsite hotel)

In order:

  • Yes, you should get MBs as part of your Room Only reservation
  • Yes, you should be able to park free on check-in and check-out days
  • This is up in the air. Some people have been able to park for free before checking in by showing their MB, and others have not. If you have to pay, save the receipt and you can ask for a refund when you check in
  • This is also up in the air. Sometimes people have been able to make FPP reservations for the full ticket period, and other times they have not. I do not know what the current status of this is, but hopefully someone can chime in with the answer.