Mike and sully meet and greet

Isn’t showing up as an option for when I do my touring plan for next month but the Disney website shows it happening. Any clues on why I can’t plan for it?

A lot of meet and greets aren’t options on a touring plan - only the ones with FP I think. You need to add it as a break.

I am sad that we didn’t meet them. I kept thinking - later - later - later.
Their queue was indoors, too, so I had no way to judge what I was considering.

They were meeting this week. We went into watch the Frozen 2 preview in same building. I did not see how long the line was for Mike and Sully

I think it would be hard for TP to have options for all meet and greets since Disney changes them so often. It seems to have the ones with FPP or other really popular ones (like at Epcot). I’ve been leaving some time in our plan every 2-3 rides to use for spontaneous character meetings, bathroom breaks,unexpected delays etc.

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