Midway Mania Fastpasses?

We’re going in the beginning of May, actually paid for Theme Park Extra.
For our entire stay, there are no fastpasses available for Midway Mania- is that because of the opening of TSL?
Is Midway Mania closed until then?

It’s not closed, just no fastpasses. They are closing the FP queues to switch the entrance to TSL. Only stand-by will be available (and just the one queue).

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I am interested in the Theme Park Extra…I was wanting to add this to our trip in August, I spoke to one cast member and she told me that I did not have to purchase the extra for all of my days, just a minimum of 3 days. Do you happen to know if that is the correct information?

Do you mean the Club Level extra FPs package?

You need to book a minimum of 3 nights CL to qualify.

You can then upgrade for a minimum of 3 days, all of which must be during your CL stay. Those days do not need to be consecutive either.

You do not need to upgrade for everyone on the booking.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had received the same info. Yes, we are booked CL at Poly and we want to maximize our park time since we will be enjoying the resort more this trip.

Yes, we are staying for 6 days, but only did the extra for four

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That is great. We are staying for 7 and only wanted it for 3 days. We want to enjoy the resort and maximize the days we are in the parks. Thank you!

Looks like FP+ is still not available for TSMM in the first week of June. Did they extend the period of no fast passes?

There has been no announcement about the resumption of FPP.

I would imagine… but this is just my guess… that since the period of no FPP has not even begun yet (April 9) that they are not going to make any FPP available until they have a better handle on the construction which is causing the FPP to be discontinued.

I would not imagine any announcement for at least a week or two. Once they get to the mid-point of the April 9 - May 7 period, then they may have a better idea. If all is well, maybe they start releasing FPP for late May into June, but if plans change or construction is delayed, the no FPP time could be extended.

All my own guesses. The only fact is that they have not made any announcements regarding the future of FPP at TSMM.