Midnight FPP?


Tonight at midnight I will be at 60 days out and can make my FPP selections. Is it worth staying up til midnight to make my selections or will I have just as good a chance in the morning at 8am? Thanks


If you want a&e or 7dmt I would probably stay up. The rest could probably wait. Did mine last night and only took 20 minutes.


Thanks! I do want 7DMT just didn't know if I stayed up it would make a difference. Guess I'll give it a shot.


There was some available at midnight last night. Good luck!


See you on there @delones24 I am in the same boat smile


Don't snag up all the 7DMT from me. Been sitting here watching the clock for the past 15 minutes. Don't have much longer to go. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the ones I want.


Same here smile I said I am as nervous as I used to get right before concert tickets went on sale!

This is silly LOL


The closer it is getting the more nervous I'm becoming. I'm sure something will happen and my computer will freeze up or the power will go out before I can get them in. Just my luck. smile


Edited -- ok, went back in and switched something and it looks like more Anna/Elsa opened up so I got one for our last day (Saturday) between 4:10 and 5:10. I can't believe I got both that and 7D -- although that's a different day but it works out as well.

Only thing I am not thrilled about is Saturday night -- right now I took MSEP fast pass for that night. I figure that will probably be the very last thing we do and it will be nice to have a spot for it. I might change that but am too confused to think.


How long are you guys going for ? I make mine on October 24 and nervous already!


Got everything I wanted. Was able to get 7DMT for the both days we are in MK. 12/3 and 12/4. There was no A&E for those days but my kids aren't all googly over them anyways so was really going for those. If the line isn't to long we will see them but if it is we aren't to worried about it.


We did ours Monday night at 11pm Central. Got right on and got everything we wanted. There are 4 options of 3 attractions. Note: Disney's "best option" may not be the best for you. We used another option for several of the days. We picked the times that worked for us and then modified what attractions we wanted. Very simple. Done in less than 30 minutes.


Is it Midnight EST? Or do they make PST people wait 3 hours?


It's midnight EST, so you're lucky! I'm in central time, so it's 11 pm for me.


I found that even 30 days out (we are staying off-Disney) there was a better selection at midnight than at 6 a.m. Of course it wasn't fun getting up every day for a week at midnight!


Is it 60 days out for each day of our stay? Or can we book all 5 days at one time on the 60th day out?

Or to put it another way... Do I need to stalk the website at midnight for 5 nights straight?


On day 60 you can make FPP for the number of days on the ticket you have linked.


I only had to do every night because we are off-site, I believe, and in that case you have 30 days day-by-day.