Mid-September to Mid-October Memory Maker Share

Does anyone have a Memory Maker share open for the end of September? My trip dates are 9/19 - 9/26. I’ve never done one, so would like to join with someone else. If no one joins that is experienced/comfortable, I am willing to reach out to someone from a previous group for pointers, but would prefer not to be the leader.

I’m interested. Our dates are 9/19-9/26. I have a basic understanding of how it works and willing to better familiarize myself if no one else is comfortable leading it.

Our dates are 9/24-9/29. I literally read your post and just re-typed your dates. LOL!

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That would be wonderful! Hopefully we will get more people interested. It looked like the other groups started months ago.


Our dates are Sept. 11-15. I know nothing about sharing Memory Maker though.

The price for MM is $169 and we are looking for folk interested in sharing in the total cost to make it less expensive. If there were three of us for example, we would each pay $56 ((excluding tax) and share the service.

MM allows unlimited access to PhotoPass photos as well as select dining and ride photos. We would basically set up a dummy MDE account and each access our family’s photos from it.

If anyone else is for sure interested please let us know ASAP as September is coming up fast. Once purchased, we have access to the pictures for 45 days after the first pic is taken, but only 30 days in which to get all of the pictures taken. There is an additional stipulation when purchased in advance: Photos taken within 3 days of the purchase are not included. For example, our trip begins 9/24. We would have to purchase MM by 9/20 to make sure all photos we start taking on 9/24 are included. MM would then expire on 10/24, so no more pics could be taken through that account at that time.

I am very interested!! Our trip dates are 9/24 through 9/29. I am also willing to help figure out how to set this up if necessary. Thank you.

Let’s try and firm this up this week to allow time to work on administrative details.
If you’re in- reply YES.
If you have questions, please post.
Let’s do this!!

YES. I am interested. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, still interested. So, if everyone else is still interested, that would put our earliest date at 9/11. TBurgoon is right, that doesn’t leave much time for the administrative details! TBurgoon - are still willing to lead?

Absolutely still willing to lead. Everyone ok with wrapping this up Thursday 8/31 just to see if we get more takers? I am willing to pay for it upfront then set up a PayPal account from there. We could have our share set up by this Friday. Yay!!

That sounds perfect. Thank you so much for taking this on!!

YES we’re in

Sounds great! Thank you.

My email address is tcarp08@yahoo.com.
Would everyone please email me with their trip dates and username on this board?
If you prefer to message me here on the board, that’s fine too.
Thank you.

Email sent TBurgoon

Got it. Thanks, Cory. Your trip is so close. Yay!!

Email sent! :slight_smile:

My email has also been sent!