Mid October to Mid November 2023 Memory Maker Share?

Heading down for a quick long weekend trip for Veterans Day, 11/10-11/12 are our park days and was wondering if anyone knew of any open Memory Maker shares for this time frame.
Thank you!

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We’re October 18-24 and are looking for one as well. I have experience running one, and I’m willing to do it again if we get a group together.

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If you put one together you can definitely count me in!
I don’t have any experience running one so I won’t be helpful on that front.

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Maybe change the name of the thread to Late October/Early November Memory Maker share and we’ll see if we get more people. I haven’t seen a thread for October.

We are looking for a share! Our first park day is Oct 12th. Is that too early in October?

I’m not sure, my last park day is 11/12. Is it the memory maker active for a full month or only 30 days?

It’s 30 days, so 10/12 and 11/12 won’t work.

I read something about you can get an extra 15 days of photos if you don’t order it right away. I’ve only participated in one other share so I’m not sure how accurate that is.
Hoping someone with more experience in memory maker shares can chime in for us.

Usually our trips are longer so we just buy it outright but this trip is so short.

@jcgoblue We’re going from Oct 9 - 14th and are looking for a share as well.

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We seem to have more October people than November people so far. Does anyone know if there’s a facebook group for either month? I searched but couldn’t find October.

If anyone wants to have an October Memory Maker Share, I’m in. I’ve participated before but don’t know how to run one.

I’m looking on this facebook group for more people Disney Memory Maker Share Group | Facebook

I hate to ditch @MickeyFan555 after they started the thread, but maybe breaking it by month is more what people are used to.

Edited to add that I’m not leading one any more because I got a hookup elsewhere. Sorry! But I recommend the Facebook group I linked to get a group together if you don’t get enough here.

It’s ok, I’m the outlier and I don’t want to hold up all the October folks. I will keep searching. Maybe it’s still too soon for November folks.
Thank you :blush:

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Thank you! I did same and have now have a group.
Enjoy your trip!

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