Mid November Trip Low Crowd.....No Dining Reservations available WHY?

Scheduled trip to WDW Mid Nov. 2014 with family of 5. No character or Dinner Events available the entire stay. I am a first time to WDW so I am looking for guidance and suggestions too. Thanks

That's one of the "free dining" periods, so ADRs are harder to come by. But keep checking...people always always cancel.

Wouldn't the crowd level reflect that.....The entire week is estimated at 3-4 which is why I picked it. Thanks for the info, I have been checking but no luck, I can get in to see Be Our Guest multiple days I have check for in August, but none during my trip!!

Ok, first trip? Let us help you! What ages are your children? Where are you staying? What are your dates? What are your plans? Will you stay all day in the parks? Do you want to eat in the parks? Will you go to DTD? What dates, what parks?

Have you tried searching with one of the search tools? Here is one that can search all restaurants with availability during your stay http://disneydvcresale.com/diningSearch.php

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First trips are tough though....how do you know what is easy to get to and what is really hard based on your plans. I think it took me four trips before I learned to get from resort to resort.

Yeah.. Usually reservations open but in a free dining period its chaos

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My outer going to have a great trip! As crazy as this may sound, there are many restaurants that are totally booked around 180 days (6 months) ahead, even in low season. Many people cancel their trips at 45 days, which is the deadline for paying off packages. Then lots of people cancel their extra restaurant reservations in the weeks and days leading up to their trips as their plans solidify.

For now, maybe look into some of the yummy but less popular options to the hot ADR. Try Tusker House or 'Ohana breakfast for characters instead of Chef Mickey. Try 1900 Park Faire for princesses instead of Cinderellas Royal Table. Try odd times like a late 2:00 lunch or an early 4:00 dinner.

Good luck! Just ask if you want input on certain restaurants.

Even in "slow" times there are a lot of people at WDW, so highly desirable reservations like CMs get filled up early,often before 180 days because of people making reservations for the length of their stay. Add on Free Dinig, which increases the percentage of resort guests who have meal plans (and are therefore making more reservations), and they can be even harder to get.

Thanks! That search helps.....I will keep checking. Wish Disney would set up a wait list for those staying at resort with Dining plans.

Any suggestions for MUST SEE dining experiences for first timers. Girl 9 boy 7 Don't want to waste time making reservations to not have kids enjoy it!! Any other tips or tricks from personal experience would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

How about 50's or SciFi?

Another factor that may be causing you issues is that you have an odd number of people. For some reason the website doesn't care for odd numbers when booking is limited. For any non-prepay meals, try looking for a table for 6. Others have had luck with that. Disney will not charge you the no show fee as long as at least 1 person shows up for the reservation.

I had a much harder time getting ressies for a Sept trip (free dining) that we'd planned 5 months in advance vs a mid August trip, with higher crowds, planned 3 months out, and little trouble last May for a last minute trip with even higher crowds. Free dining really impacts sit down restaurants. If you diligently keep checking things will pop up though.

I second 50's or Sci-fi. Whispering Canyon Cafe would be fun for them and should have availability. My DD10 loves Raglan Road in DTD. You should have luck getting that too.

I'm going back in Sept with crowd levels between 1-3 and even booking ADRs 6 months out, had a hard time getting the 2 ADRs I wanted.

Dd you try Cape May for breakfast or 1900 Park Fare (anytime)?

Try an even number as well.