Mid-July 2020 Crowd Calendar Update

Good afternoon, I received the crowd calendar update email today for the dates that we are planning on being at Disney for (mid-July depending on how things shake out with COVID-19), and there was a very sharp rise in the crowd levels. When I picked Mid July the levels were between 5-7, I compared that to previous years in the touringplan archives and that looked to be close to what happened in the past. The update today had levels of 9 and 10. Anyone have a feel for if that factors in the thought that people canceling trips in April and May are re-booking for then? Or is the crowd levels currently independent of that? I have to say that crowd levels that high would make me re-consider going at that time.

See this discussion on the TP Blog:

Thanks! I should have looked for that before posting.

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I fully expected a jump with people rescheduling.

But then again I don’t stress it. I get my FP+ at 60 days, figure out a basic plan (I tried the detailed thing once and the papers went in the recycling bin within about 2 hours. I’m far too spontaneous for them)

Worrying and stressing isn’t going to change anything. Make however much of a plan works for you but know that there can be kinks and things might have to adjust.

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I just got an email with a Crowd Update too. Levels for my trip April 6-13 have gone down dramatically!
I needed a good laugh.
I fully expect the closer to be extended through my dates but haven’t canceled anything yet. Maybe we will be the only people there that week and my DH will be able to get a boarding group despite us not going to the park until noon. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m going to add that to my list of reasons to not cancel my April trip yet

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