Mid Day Park Break Timing?

So my husband and I are staying at the Fort and will have 2 kids with us. Our plan is to rope drop and we’re entertaining the idea of a break in the middle to either nap or hang out by the pool.

If we drive to the parks (except MK)… let’s say we’re in the middle of the park…. how long should we realistically budget for us to get back to The Fort? Trying to figure out if it’s worth it.

Any insight on traveling from the middle of MK and getting to the Fort if we take the boat?

I would say half an hour to an hour depending on how fast you walk and weather or not the boat is there when you arrive. It’s definitely worth it. MK is hot and crowded in the middle of the day and the pool is nice and low key (very limited shade though)—our oldest (6, almost 7) loved the water slide!

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I’d plan an hour to get back to the fort from DHS, Epcot, and AK. You might get lucky and have a bus waiting or you might have to wait 45 minutes for a bus to pick you up. Depending on where you are in the each park, it might take 20-30 minutes for you to walk to the front of the park.

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Even being offsite, I found that planning a 4-hour break starting at about 1 pm works beautifully. If we feel ready after 2.5 hours, we head back! If not, I planned for it. It’s really gratifying to walk in as streams of people are walking out!

Those plans always assume long summer hours, though, so YMMV. By the way, my son has grown out of the pool fascination, but knows it’s mom’s requirement if the weather holds. All adults in the pool! The cool water helps with the sore legs and feet!