Mid day magic tickets

Have they ever been available in the spring? I’ve been waiting to purchase tickets but I’m getting impatient!!!

I believe they were a new option. I too would have purchased them for February but I gave up.

That’s where I’m at too! Trying to hold out until the week before FP day but tired of checking!!!

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I wonder if they’re purposely waiting until closer than 60 days so that most people will have already purchased full price tickets. That would make sense to me from a marketing perspective. If someone is going and staying on property, they most likely want to take advantage of 60 day FPP and will buy regular tickets in time. My guess is that these tickets are mostly targeted at impulse trips and off-property guests.

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That makes a lot of sense!

It’s very possible they have not sold well (I haven’t heard very much chatter about them). And if that’s the case there would be no need to repeat

I thought they added the mid day tickets in an attempt to offer a cheaper ticket option and increase attendance. I think maybe the attendance concerns have been addressed?

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