Mid-Day Magic Entry time...is there any leeway?

Seems like Disney is pretty lax opening the park earlier on occassion, just wondering if anyone has experience with getting let in say 20 minutes early on a mid-day pass?

I wouldn’t count on it at all. Those tickets are pretty dramatically discounted.

Why do you ask? 20 minutes isn’t much time.

I’m using them next week, just trying to prepare. I’m wondering if it’s going to be literally a hoard of people lined up waiting for the clock to hit noon, or if they will manage that situation by letting people in a little early to control crowds at the gate. I’ll take any advantage I can get.


I would love to know all of this too! I don’t know as we’ve had any reports of folks utilizing these special tickets.

If we don’t hear back, will you please share your experience on return?


The system can start allowing as early as 11:40, but not guaranteed.

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