I have a slightly picky eater and I’m trying to pack a couple of items I know she will eat and not waste. I know she will eat any treat I buy, but I can’t guarantee she’ll eat a meal I buy.:roll_eyes: I can’t remember if they Disneyland Hotel has a microwave? I should know this, but I just can’t remember ever using it? Also, is there a microwave available in either/both parks? I feel as though I have read about it in the Baby Care center, but I don’t know if this is still accurate. Is there any restrictions to using it if it is indeed still there? Last year we made her PB&J but she is out growing that.

I am not aware of any microwaves available for guests to use at the DLH. I would imagine that the suites have them, but only staying in the regular rooms we never had one. You might try calling and asking. I am WAY out of the baby stage, so I have no idea on that one!

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There are indeed microwaves at the baby care centers but they are limited to use for babies or baby related items. That being said, I have brought in Easy Mac & heated it up but also fed the kids in the high chairs provided so they were still super young (under 3). If your child is a little older than that, they may not allow use of the microwave for food. One thing they have always let me use the microwave for was to heat up water to then warm a bottle but most of the times, left the baby sitting with dad & other siblings outside the baby care center so they didn’t necessarily check if I was actually warming for a bottle or not.
So if it’s something that you just need to add water & microwave, then you could warm water up under that pretense & then outside the baby care center, add the heated water to whatever it is & stir it in.

My sister-in-law came with us on a trip last fall & brought her EXTREMELY picky toddler & she lived off of Lucky Charms (she usually ate this back at the hotel), yogurt (we brought a soft cooler bag that would include milk for both the toddler & our youngest baby & the yogurt) and the the toddler mac n’ cheese meal at Smokejumpers- this meal comes with fries (or a choice of something else that I forget now, maybe apple slices…) and a drink. It was a portion that she would feasibly eat & was less than $5 (with an AP discount applied so may be just around $5 without it) & Smokejumpers has mobile order so it was very easy for one adult to run off & grab it. I’m trying to think of which place on the Disneyland side would also have this toddler mac n’ cheese meal as I’m sure it’s available at least 1-2 other places. But we definitely loved that Smokejumpers portion was just her size, fit her ‘Princess pallette’ and had mobile ordering to boot.

I decided to pack in some uncrustables instead. I have found several places with the toddler meal available. Some times she doesn’t like restaurant mac and cheese. I was debating bringing some easy mac. At least the toddler meal is fairly inexpensive if she doesn’t care for it. Hopefully she loves it! :smile:


My niece ONLY eats mac n’ cheese if it’s an easy Mac cup (sometimes we ‘trick’ her & make a different kind & stick it in a washed out easy Mac cup but even then if it’s different enough, she gets suspicious & won’t eat more than 1-2 bites). At DCA we didn’t have an easy Mac cup ready, so we gave her the mac n’ cheese as it came in the cup it came in & she ate it up & did so without any fuss. And usually there is TONS of fuss if she sees the Mac n’ cheese is any kind of different, especially the container. So hopefully your little girl has a similar experience!

Well, the Mac and cheese didn’t work out. We tried twice and she hardly ate any. She would do a burger, chicken strips from stage door, and a turkey sandwich from jolly holiday.


Oh no on the Smokejumpers Mac n Cheese, but glad she had other options that she was willing to try. Were you able to take any Easy Mac with you? Or was that also a no-go from her?

I think she would have done the easy Mac, but I figured hot water could be difficult to find. I ordered uncrustables from vons, but they were out of stock. So she had lots of snacks! The power packs were helpful in addition to the meals we found. She didn’t seem to mind :grin:

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At Disneyland, I’ve never seemed to be able to think up quickly what QS’s serve hot tea (and therefore would be able to give me just a cup of boiling water to use), so going to the baby care centers to use the microwave has been my fallback. Which now that my baby is almost 2 and takes his milk cold, I haven’t needed to use. So I get the difficulty of locating hot water!

Snacks are good! And those power packs are very helpfu! And so nice that Disney has them.
Quick story about the differences between Disney & other parks: We went to a local amusement park with my sister-in-law and her kids (including the picky niece) my sister-in-law hadn’t wanted to lug around a cooler AND a stroller since her husband couldn’t come, so she didn’t bring milk or yogurt for my niece and literally the only thing my niece liked that the amusement park sold to eat was french fries (they had pizza, burgers, tacos, chicken fingers and an Arby’s inside the park, but none of those are anything that my super picky niece will eat), so she ate French fries for 2 meals!! This park also has Dole Whip (much cheaper than at Disneyland & probably the main reason my husband likes going to this amusement park, but again, Dole Whip isn’t really a meal nor is it on my niece’s list of approved foods, hehe). My sister-in-law was definitely annoyed at both the choices & her daughter’s pickiness & hadn’t anticipated staying so late, but all our kids were just having so much fun together that we didn’t realize how full of a day it was going to be. So that experience always makes me appreciate that Disneyland has options beyond regular theme park food.

So true! It was nice that they were options. She’s not really that picky of an eater like your niece sounds like, but she is particular about her mac & cheese and spicy foods. I can usually get her to eat what we serve, sometimes it just takes a very very very long time to get dinner done. I didn’t want that to be my experience at Disneyland. Often food can be not spicy but she claims it is. I think she claimed one of her chicken strips was spicy (but the others weren’t, so I’m not sure how that worked)