I know they aren't in rooms, but can people take a microwave to use in their on-site room? DH asked me last night and I don't think I've ever seen it asked/answered (I could be wrong). Would be kind of nice to be able to heat up leftovers in room.

Sorry, you can't. http://disneyparksmomspanel.disney.go.com/questions.aspx?pgm=2&pid=45&cid=109&qid=113623

I believe that there are communal microwaves in the food courts, as well as toasters - someone please correct me if I am wrong. Not as convenient, but still a potential money-saver if you bring food to warm there.

I didn't think so, but wanted to check. That would be great if there are some in the food courts though, can still warm our things up and take back to room. Thank you!

When our youngest DD was 1, we requested a microwave at WL and they kindly brought one to us. This was in 2010, so not sure if this is still an option. The only issue we had was lack of counter/shelf space once the microwave was taking up a surface. They didn't blink an eye when we asked for it. Hope this helps!

I think the rule is the same for bringing a toaster? The hotels would consider that also a safety concern, I think I had heard.

Yes, the rule is the same for toasters, toaster ovens, crock pots, etc. Pretty much industry-standard.