Mickey's Very Merry Christmas

We will be in WDW early November during MVMCP. Just realizing it is a separately paid event from 7pm-1apm (park entry at 4pm). Is it worthwhile? Can I get FP’s from 4-7pm? Looks like a parade, meet and greets, some attractions open, some shows, etc. Do they really kick out non ticket holders at 7pm?And how will this effect ADR’s? Should I try for dinner at BOG that same night or another day?

No FPP after 7pm unfortunately, but the lines to attractions are very short. They do kick every non ticket holder out, checking bathrooms to make sure no stragglers are left behind. They’re really very efficient and good at it. I’ve been kicked out twice :smiley: I’ve never been to the MVMCP but it has very vocal fans here. I’ve heard it is very worth it!!!
Sadly, they time ADRs so you will not be there after 7pm, this limits the options available to you and you will find yourself having dinner at 4:30 or 5 in order to guarantee you are out by 7pm.
I ho’e someone give you more party details!!!
Good luck!

IMO the MVMCP is worth attending. MVMCP has special shows, character meets, parade and fireworks. There are usually opportunities to buy special party merchandise, treats and collectibles.

Most rides and attractions are open during the party and the lines for them tend to be short since most guests are doing the special party stuff. I’m not sure if you can get FP+s with a party ticket. Attendance on party days tends to be low because the park closes to non-party guests at 7PM so lines between 4 and 7 tend to be low. Check the crowd calendar for the days that you are considering attending.

When party guests enter the park they get a special wristband and when he party officially starts at 7PM anyone not wearing a wristband will have to leave the park. There will be cast members checking for wristbands.

I don’t believe that ADRs can be made after 7PM. I attended a party last year and went to BOG for dinner with a 5PM ADR. I would not eat at BOG on a party ticket again because it took away from time from rides and attractions with short lines.

One last comment. The parties have a limited number of tickets available but they can, and do, sell out. When they sell out the park is pretty crowded. Lines will still be pretty short for the standard rides and attractions but the lines get very long for the unique things, especially the unique characters meets. I don’t think it is possible to meet all the unique characters in one night when the party is sold out.

I hope this helps. Happy planning!

We LOVED MVMCP! Like you, I wondered if there was value in attending. Trust me, there is.

For one, you can enter the park at 4pm, three hours before the party begins, and during those three hours you CAN get and use FPP. The party goes til MN so if you enter at 4 and stay the whole time you get EIGHT HOURS in the park for $79 (?whatever the going rate is) - far less than the cost of a 1-day ticket. I did not happen upon any attractions that were not open - I believe they all are, but if not certainly most are. ADRs stop before the party starts, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. I’m not sure I would use any of my pre-party time at a dinner. The Christmas Parade cannot be seen at MK other than at the party until the very last days before Christmas, so it gives you a chance to see that. Wishes and CTM occur, and there are many characters (rare and common) out for your meet and greet needs. It snows on Main Street, and there are cookies to enjoy at bunches of places. Plus there are special Christmas shows in several of the lands that you’ll want to try to take in too.

They do kick out non-party guests, or at the very least make it less than enjoyable to stay.

I’m so glad we went, and if we get the chance to do it again we will. It was a wonderful time, but also the perfect way to kick off our short trip.