Mickey's Soundsational Parade - only on Fri, Sat, Sun, or Mon?

I have noticed two items appear to only be on certain days, and I wanted to verify if it’s true that the Soundsational Parade and the Magical Map are only on Fri, Sat, Sun, or Mon?

Might be due to cost cutting, currently Soundsational Fri-Sun, Magical Map Fri-Mon.

I agree- sounds like more budget cutting. I’m not sure why but DLR seems to be taking the brunt of these budget cuts. I imagine it’s because a majority of their visitors are APH’s that don’t spend as much as the average vacationer at WDW.

I think it depends on the weekend. For example, I see both fireworks and Map on Sept. 9th & 10th, but only fireworks on the 11th.