Mickey's Runaway Railway VS Slinky Dog

Its that time of year for me, i’m going to start planning out my FPP and ADRs for a fall trip. Does anyone know which one would be harder to get - slinky or mickeys runaway railway? I’ll have two HS days, one is the 5th day, and the other is the 7th day of our trip. I’m wondering if i can get slinky for 2 at 60+5 days out?

I’m only guessing - since there’s not much data - that MMRR will be the harder to get as it is the newest attraction. Plus, it doesn’t have the “scare / thrill” factor that some kids / families have to avoid. (Drops / high speeds / heights)

This was the logic I used for our Spring Break trip.

By the time your FP date comes around for a fall trip, you’ll have way more info to go off of!

Thanks! I was just assumming slinky would still stay the more popular ride, but forgot that MMRR is for the whole family. Good point!

Absolutely no problem based on all the data out there currently.

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According the theDIBB.co.uk, as of right now:

MMRR sells out at 60+2 (with only afternoon availabiliy up to 60+5)
MFSR sells out at 60+1 (with only afternoon availabiliy up to 60+4)
SDD sells out at 60+0 (with only afternoon availabiliy up to 60+3)

I agree with @darkmite2: MMRR should be the hardest to get ,but it all could change if the reviews for that ride are not good though !
As of right now, with 3 good choices in the Tier 1, I doubt any of those rides will sell out at more than 60+3, where it’s not the case in AK (with FoP being the “only” good choice).


I have a fp for mmrr at 12:30 for 11. I plan to rd sdd and get bg in line. Hope it works. Scared to change my mmrr to earlier even if the open at 8 on 3/25

You are held at Chinese theater before RD. After park opens, there is a 1-2min delay to let everyone get the BG. The pathway to Toy Story land opens after that.

Based solely on my experience, wait time close to end of day is much shorter than rope drop. We saw 30 min wait end of day. The two hour RD line formed in a matter of seconds.


I would wait and see. Who knows what changes the next few months bring to HS? What if RotR will have FPP by the fall?

For me, I prioritized MMRR. At the end of the day SDD is a fun ride, but it’s a roller coaster. There are lots of coasters throughout the WDW parks and throughout other amusement parks. With two days, personally I’d do MFSR And MMRR FPPs and then do SDD if you can get it at rope drop of snag it on an FPP drop.

My only exception would be if you have a kid who is particular Toy Story crazy.

Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to figure out how i’m going to spread FPPs with 2 days at HS and wanting to ride all 3 tier 1s.

I’ve landed on FPP for MFSR for our adult day and MMRR for our family day, and we’ll either try to snag a day-of SDD or ride at the end of the day.

I’m probably in the same boat as a lot of people. I have a FPP for MFSR, I wound up keeping it instead of swapping to SDD or MMRR but now I’m wondering if I made the wrong choice. I’ve been constantly checking for SDDs for MMRR but there haven’t been any for my HS day (March 5th :grimacing:). I need some advice. Without the ride being open I know it’s tough to predict. My original plan has us heading to SDD at RD then going to MMRR, but since my HS day is the 2nd day the ride will be open I’m thinking I should change that plan and RD MMRR instead. Assuming I’m not able to change my FPP is this what your collective wisdom would suggest? We only have 3 days in the parks and have parkhoppers so I’ll be keeping an eye on FPPs but I’m hoping not to have to jump parks for one attraction. It’s been years since I’ve seen Fantasmic so I’d rather not skip it to hop in line last minute for SDD for a lower wait.

Quick update:

According the theDIBB.co.uk , it is still the same as last week for the three Tier 1 at HS:

MMRR sells out at 60+2 (with only afternoon availabiliy up to 60+5)
MFSR sells out at 60+1 (with only afternoon availabiliy up to 60+3)
SDD sells out at 60+0 (with only afternoon availabiliy up to 60+3)

I think there’s a trend here.
It may also means that SDD could become the most “forgiving” of the three rides at RD ?

By forgiving do you mean that’s the easiest to RD or that’s the priority or the hardest to get FPP?

Today was my 60 day fast pass day. Logged on right at 7am. At 60+1, you could get Slinky Dog at 6pm, and MFSR at 7pm. MMRR was gone. Also, on 60+4, Slinky was available at 11:30am, MFSR and MMRR were around 3-4pm.

I mean easiest to RD (as well as easiest to get a FP+)

This is assuming that MMRR will be a decent ride!

Even if it’s just okay, I suspect MMRR will be the hot ticket once it opens. Both for RD and FPP.
MFSR is just an okay ride IMO (and reviews have been mixed). It still gets crazy lines at RD and is still booking up FPs in advance.

Pod on the chat said it was stunning visually and nothing like any other Disney ride. Lots of movement made him woozy.

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I rode MFSR last September shortly after it opened. I loved the queue, but the ride itself was just okay IMO. Definitely not as immersive or visually stunning as FOP. I was a gunner though not a pilot. Pilot is regarded as the best role to have. The gunners have no way to aim; you just hit the button as fast as possible making it less interesting than Midway Mania. We only waited 25 minutes for the ride. I actually wished we had more time in the queue particularly once we entered the MF itself. They were really hurrying people through to the seats.

I think a lot of what people find immersive at a theme park boils down to personal preference.

Maybe RD crowds will spread out when there are 3 headliners (and a few to RNRC) and lessen the madness? Although with the current BG process, I’m sure it will still be a bit crazy.