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Hi all! I’ve never really paid attention before, but on this upcoming trip we will be taking my 4 year old niece! Can someone remind me what jewels we need to “catch”? And where to get them from? Tia

You can actually watch the show on youtube to get an idea. There are lots you could use – a big plastic ruby, a string of pearls. A shop in Adventureland sells a bag of plastic jewels that work well too. Lots of people go to a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby – they have those big red rubies. Have fun!

Thanks B!! I see in my hiatus I have missed a ton! This forum is kinda cool. I’ve got a lot to learn…

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Once you play around with it a bit, it gets pretty easy, and can be lots of fun – and very helpful! – too. :slight_smile:

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