Mickey's Pants

Can you still get the sundae served in Mickey's pants? I believe it was at Beaches and Cream.


I don't know the answer to your question, but your thread title made me chuckle! smile I just had to click it and see what you were asking.

Thanks...a lot going on in the forum, with a lot of creative folks, needed something catchy...glad it got your attention 😅

Got a chuckle from me as well

He he 😋

Just stopping by to see what's up with Mickey's pants. Nice title! Hope someone has an answer.

Haven't heard much about it since it first came out...Looking for my sugar-coma, between some of the great looking cocktails and this, I should be well on my way!

They had it last month at Beaches and Cream and at the Ice Cream Shop on Main Street. The one at Beaches and Cream had a brownie in it I think.

A brownie in the pants? Okay, that just left a gross picture in my mind. Sorry for going there!


It's a "little extra something" in the pants ( you started it!)

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The Plaza in MK is said to have this, and allow no substitutions , and is cheaper.
It looks like Beaches and Cream has it, and can be customized and more money.

I cannot verify.

Yeah, great title! Didn't know where you were going with it! smile