Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

Does anyone know when the Magic Kingdom starts running the Christmas parade during regular park hours, i.e., not during the Very Merry Christmas Party? We’ll be there 12/20-12/25. The Touring Plan calendar shows one Festival of Fantasy parade and two Main Street Electrical Parades each day on those dates. Any chance one of those will actually be the Christmas parade? Thanks in advance!

I went to the world last December 13-15. On the 15th the Christmas parade was on the week schedule - I think either for Thursday or Friday which would have been the 18th or 19th.

I was there the week of Christmas a few years ago and they did the Christmas parade during the day

Starts the day after the last MVMCP (which this year is on the 18th)- so should start to run on the 19th this year I believe.

Thanks, all. Do you know if they replace an existing parade (either Festival of Fantasy or MSEP) with the Christmas parade, or simply add it as an additional parade?

They stop the FoF and MSEP duringChristmas. Am I right that the Christmas Parade is the same day/night- or did I imagine that?

Twice a day- same parade- starting the 19th- assuming things stay status quo, which one can never assume with Disney

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