Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Parade and Holiday Wishes on New Years

I know that after Christmas they show both Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Parade and Holiday Wishes daily, but does anyone know how long that lasts? We have never seen the parks at Christmas, so we are looking to travel over New Years. Since we would be missing Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party, I wanted to know if we would still be able to see both the Parade and Holiday Wishes. We probably would be traveling on Dec. 30th so we wouldn’t be in the parks that night, but we would be there on New Year’s Eve. Do they still show the Christmas Parade and Holiday Wishes on New Year’s Eve before they show Fantasy in the sky? If they don’t show them on New Year’s Eve would they still be shown on the first few days of the new year? We plan on staying for 3 or 4 days so we could catch them then too. We really want to see the Parade and Holiday Wishes so any help would be appreciated! What do you think @len?

Hey again!

It looks like they run the holiday parades on NYE. You can use the Crowd Calendar to look at all of the entertainment for any date in the past that we have.

My advice: if it’s in the budget to stay at the Contemporary or Bay Lake, do it. The wait to get transportation out of the MK on NYE can be hours long.

I didn’t even think to look on here so I will do that. I’ve heard the crowds are bad so thanks for the advice! I’ll look into Bay Lake/Contemporary. Thanks again for the quick responses @len!