Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - Tuesday or Friday?

My group with four, 45+ yrs. old, adults will be in WDW Oct. 22-28. We definitely want to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and are trying to decide between Tuesday, Oct. 24. and Friday Oct. 27.

We know the party will be less crowded on Tuesday, but as Friday is our last night we think it would be a great way to end the trip. Touringplans shows a Magic Kingdom crowd level of 3 for both of those days. We’re night owls, and totally happy to catch the later parades and fireworks, but we’re hesitant to make that call since it’s the opposite of the advise we’ve read everywhere.

What to do? Would love to hear from anyone who’s been to a Friday party - especially right before Halloween. Are the crowds for the parade and fireworks insane?

How early do you have to be out the door the next day on Saturday? If I had an early flight, that would be my first deterrent to going on Friday.

Early afternoon flight out, so no trouble with the Saturday departure. Mostly I’m just wondering if the crowd level on Friday is going to take away from the experience in a significant way.

My guess is not- the crowd predictions are typically for normal park hours. The party itself is a hard ticket event with a set number of tickets to be sold- the crowds will be heavy near the hard to normally find characters that are out, and at the specific party events, but overall (and I could be wrong) I’d say go for Friday since it’s what your gut says to do to end the trip- I had the same debate with mine this summer!