Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- Time in the park? Touring Plan?

We have tickets to MNSSHP for our first night, so we are only using the party tickets as our ticket into the park. First question, is it true that they allow us in the park at 4pm, even though the party starts at 7pm? Second question, they don’t have a premade touring plan for a day starting at 4pm, then transitioning into the party. Have any of you made a successful plan for a day like that?

Yes, they will let you in at 4:00, and you can set up FPs for 3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30 and 5:30-6:30. Those FPs would basically be my plan (all FPs must be complete by 6:30). I think create a party plan.

Go here for plan with small kids focusing on treats:

Go here for plan with small kids focusing on attractions:

Go here for plan for adults:

Whichever plan you choose, copy the plan into a personalized plan, set start time for 4pm, and add in anything the TP doesn’t cover, carrying you from 4p-7p. Voila!

I have AP tickets and MNSSHP tickets, all linked in a single MDE (to get the AP rate). Any possibility to get FPs on both sets of tickets? TIA

Not if they are on the same MDE. You would need to have put the MNSSHP tickets on a second MDE account.