Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Tickets on MagicBands?

Do you have to bring printed out tickets to MNSSHP or are the tickets on your MagicBands? This is our first time going and not sure how it works.

When we went to the Christmas party last year we had separate tickets. They were plastic, like the Keys to the Kingdom cards that you used before they switched to Magic Bands. I’m not sure if we could have linked them to our Magic Bands. We didn’t try.

Two years ago when I bought party tickets I picked the “print at home” option. I did that because liners posted that there used to be special tickets but now the tickets looked like every other ticket. When I arrived for the party there was a turnstile labeled “etickets” or something like that. This year I decided to have the tickets mailed to me. I do see the tickets in MDE profile.


We’re from the UK so buy all our tickets online and I was able to link them to my Disney account when I brought them. Last year they got linked to the MB at the Will Call window on the first day we went to the park.(including MM.) When you go to MNSSHP you go through the gate with your Magic band and they fasten a plastic band to your wrist for ID.

Then you’re in.



Perfect, thank you! I do have them linked on my MDE so we should be all set, then.

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Yes, when you go to the party just make sure you go to the tapstiles marked for the party and scan your MB. The only difference is you will not need to use your fingerprint like a normal ticket entry.

Thank you!

Thank you for the info.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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